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Borehole Temperature of HSDP-2-A on 04/19/1999

  • SDDB
  • International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
  • Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project
  • 2008-08-27
  • Borehole Temperature of HSDP-2-A on 04/19/1999
  • 10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1104
  • temperature_04/19/99_05:50
  • temperature_04/19/99_08:50
  • temperature_04/19/99_11:50
  • 10.1016/S0040-1951(03)00197-5 Büttner, G., Huenges, E. (2002): The heat transfer in the region of the Mauna Kea (Hawaii) - constraints from borehole temperature measurements and coupled thermo-hydraulic modelling. Tectonophysics, 371, 23-40
  • The temperature pattern is attributed to a superposition of thermal and hydraulic processes. In the deeper borehole (HSDP-2, depth 3.1 km) detailed temperature monitoring was performed. Temperature measurements reveal two different thermal regimes. The upper part is characterised by cold temperatures and a negative temperature gradient similar to those observed in the shallow pilot borehole. Below 1100 m, increasing temperatures are observed. Different processes, such as topographically driven groundwater flow, ingress of salt water and conductive previous termheatnext term flow are investigated by numerical modeling. A pure conductive scenario fails to match the temperature measurements, implying that both borehole sections are overprinted by advective conditions. Coupled fluid and previous termheatnext term flow modeling with solute transport yield results that agree with observed temperatures.
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