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SAFOD Main Hole downhole logging data phase 1.1

  • SDDB
  • San Andreas Fault-Zone Observatory at Depth
  • International Continental Scientific Drilling Program
  • 2007-09-05
  • SAFOD Main Hole downhole logging data phase 1.1
  • 10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1082
  • Cable Tension
  • Cal. Caliper
  • Density correction
  • Enhanced Thermal Neutron Porosity
  • High Resolution Deep Resistivity
  • High Resolution Shallow Resistivity
  • Laterolog Deep Resistivity
  • Laterolog Groningen Resistivity
  • Laterolog Shallow Resistivity
  • Spontaneous Potential Shifted
  • Standard Resolution Density Porosity
  • Standard Resolution Formation Density
  • Standard Resolution Formation Photoelectric Factor
  • environmentally corrected gamma-ray
  • gamma ray
  • 10.1016/j.apgeochem.2008.01.012 Supplement to: Thomas Wiersberg and Jörg Erzinger (2008): Origin and spatial distribution of gas at seismogenic depths of the San Andreas Fault from drill-mud gas analysis, Applied Geochemistry, 23(6): 1675-1690.
  • SAFOD is motivated by the need to answer fundamental questions about the physical and chemical processes controlling faulting and earthquake generation within a major plate-bounding fault. SAFOD will drill and instrument an inclined borehole across the San Andreas Fault Zone to a depth of 3.2 km, targeting a repeating microearthquake source. The drill site is located west of the vertical San Andreas Fault on a segment of the fault that moves through a combination of aseismic creep and repeating microearthquakes. It lies at the extreme northern end of the rupture zone of the 1966, Magnitude 6 Parkfield earthquake, the most recent in a series of events that have ruptured the fault five times since 1857. The Parkfield region is the most comprehensively instrumented section of a fault anywhere in the world, and has been the focus of intensive study for the past two decades. This data set contains open hole geophysical wireline logging data from 591-1447m (rel. to rig floor, 9,45m abv gnd)
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