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HIRM record for CON01-603-2

  • SDDB
  • Vereshchagin Long Cores Expedition 2001
  • High-resolution CONTINENTal paleoclimate record in Lake Baikal
  • 2006-09-15
  • HIRM record for CON01-603-2
  • 10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1015
  • age (calendar years)
  • high isothermal remanent magnetisation
  • 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2004.09.016 Francois Demory, Norbert R. Nowaczyk, Annette Witt and Hedi Oberhansli, High-resolution magnetostratigraphy of late quaternary sediments from Lake Baikal, Siberia: timing of intracontinental paleoclimatic responses, Global and Planetary Change, Volume 46,
  • We established a mastercurve “Baikal 200” of relative paleointensity, which represents a new synthetic paleomagnetic archive for Central Eurasia. The synthetic record is composed of mean values of the six records with respect to a sliding time window of 2 ka. This compilation has been restricted to the last 200 ka in order to maintain a representative population of points (between 2 and 68). However, we present this synthetic record together with individual records and the reference paleointensity curve (Fig. 11) for the following reasons: – Each relative paleointensity record has a different resolution (e.g., sedimentation rates in CON 01-605-3 are five times higher than in VER 98-1-14). During stack procedure, smoothing of the data had the effect of lowering the resolution of the paleomagnetic information. – This stack does not provide more information on timing of the geodynamo changes since the records are tuned to ODP Site 984.
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