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Densities of benthic taxa with depth (CON 01-01 and CON 01-04 expeditions).

  • SDDB
  • High-resolution CONTINENTal paleoclimate record in Lake Baikal
  • Ice Expedition 2001
  • Vereshchagin Short Cores Expedition 2001
  • 2006-11-16
  • Densities of benthic taxa with depth (CON 01-01 and CON 01-04 expeditions).
  • 10.1594/GFZ.SDDB.1076
  • Chironomidae
  • Copepoda
  • Gammaridae
  • Hydrachnidia
  • Nematoda
  • Oligochaeta
  • Ostracoda
  • 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2004.11.012 Patrick Martin, Xavier Boes, Boudewijn Goddeeris, Nathalie Fagel, A qualitative assessment of the influence of bioturbation in Lake Baikal sediments, Glob. Planet. Change 46 (2005), pp. 87-99.
  • In all abyssal stations, densities are never over an average of c. 3100 individuals m−2 (Fig. 3, Table 1). In contrast, the shallow station (CON01-427, Posolskoe Bank) harbours the highest observed densities (oligochaetes reach densities as high as 13573 individuals m−2 on average). Gammarids are present in this latter station at 128 m deep, while they are absent from all deep stations. The presence of some groups is anecdotal, such as Hydrachnidia (one specimen in a core at 388 m and two specimens in a core at 625 m) and chironomid larvae (two larvae in a core at 625 m). Interestingly, the two deepest Vydrino cores (CON01-105-7, 600 m, and CON01-106-3, 700 m) are virtually free from animals, suggesting that these stations are perhaps the best choice for the study of stratigraphy and climate proxies.
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