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Dome Fuji, Antarctica 1993 Shallow Core 1 cm Electrical Conductivity Measurements (ECM)

  • 2015
  • Dome Fuji, Antarctica 1993 Shallow Core 1 cm Electrical Conductivity Measurements (ECM)
  • A20180613-009
  • ice core
  • ECM
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Shallow Core
  • Watanabe, O.; Shimada, W.; Narita, H.; Miyamoto, A.; Tayuki, K.; Hondoh, T.; Kawamura, T.; Fujita, S.; Shoji, H.; Enomoto, H.; Kameda, T.; Kawada, K.; Yokoyama, K. 1997, Preliminary discussion of physical properties of the Dome Fuji shallow ice core in 1993, Antarctica., Proc. NIPR Symp. Polar Meteorol. Glaciol. 11, 1-8,
  • In 1993, the 34th wintering party of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expediton (JARE-34) conducted shallow core drilling at Dome Fuji Station, East Antarctica to make a pilot borehole for deep core drilling. Then, an ice core of 112.59 depth was recovered by electro-mechanical drill. The core was brought to the National Institute of Polar Research (NIPR: Tokyo). In 1995, core analysis was started to determine: (1) the recent circumstance of deposition process at Dome Fuji Station, and (2) the formation process of stratigraphic structure and its characteristics in a shallow layer. Chronology, chemical and physical properties are examined. The ECM signal was measured at DF 1250 V and about -15C. The data were corrected to values corresponding to -15C by use of the Arrhenius law for temperature dependence (Neftel, 1985). Density was also corrected for effects of firn density. Analogue ECM data were digitized at 1 mm intervals. After taking the moving average of 10 data, Data set was made at intervals of 1 cm.
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