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Photograph the floating ice island T-3 in the Arctic Ocean

  • Arctic Challenge for Sustainabilit
  • 2016
  • Photograph the floating ice island T-3 in the Arctic Ocean
  • A20170131-001
  • T-3
  • Target 3
  • There is no continental ice sheet in the Arctic, such as Antarctic. In Arctic Ocean is covered with sea ice. There are ice island which is ice shelves of the continent has been formed by being pushed out to sea. Since the land glaciers are formed is pushed into the sea, the surface is covered with gravel, is as just like wilderness.Ice island was discovered by the United States Air Force after the Second World War, this ice island was called T (Target). There is a T3, which was discovered in March 1950, the United States had set-up an observation base in the International Geophysical Year (IGY).In 1960, according to the instruction of Professor Ukichiro Nakaya, I stayed in the observation base with Dr. Jiro Muguruma, and carried out snow and ice research.Also in 1968, it has conducted a research of T3 as overseas field research supported by a grant in aid for Scientific research from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Japanese Government "Arctic hydrosphere academic investigation."(Leader : Professor Keiji Higuchi, Member : Dr. Okitsugu Watanabe)
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