Point source

  • point source
  • Pollution from a discrete source, such as a septic tank, a sewer, a discharge type, a landfill, a factory or waste water treatment works discharging to a watercourse; stack emission from an industrial process; or spillage from an underground storage tank leaching into groundwater.
Abstract from DBPedia
    A point source is a single identifiable localised source of something. A point source has negligible extent, distinguishing it from other source geometries. Sources are called point sources because in mathematical modeling, these sources can usually be approximated as a mathematical point to simplify analysis. The actual source need not be physically small, if its size is negligible relative to other length scales in the problem. For example, in astronomy, stars are routinely treated as point sources, even though they are in actuality much larger than the Earth. In three dimensions, the density of something leaving a point source decreases in proportion to the inverse square of the distance from the source, if the distribution is isotropic, and there is no absorption or other loss.

    (Source: http://dbpedia.org/resource/Point_source)