• ditch
  • A long, narrow excavation artificially dug in the ground; especially an open and usually unpaved waterway, channel, or trench for conveying water for drainage or irrigation, and usually smaller than a canal. Some ditches may be natural watercourses.
Abstract from DBPedia
    A ditch is a small to moderate divot created to channel water. A ditch can be used for drainage, to drain water from low-lying areas, alongside roadways or fields, or to channel water from a more distant source for plant irrigation. Ditches are commonly seen around farmland, especially in areas that have required drainage, such as The Fens in eastern England and much of the Netherlands. Roadside ditches may provide a hazard to motorists and cyclists, whose vehicles may crash into them and get damaged, flipped over, or stuck and cause major injury, especially in poor weather conditions and rural areas.

    溝渠(こうきょ、英語:ditch)は、主に給排水を目的として造られる水路のうち、小規模な溝状のものの総称である。そのうち、公共用水域にあるものは「公共溝渠」(こうきょうこうきょ)と呼ばれる。 その状態等により、開渠(かいきょ)・明渠(めいきょ)、暗渠(あんきょ)、側溝(そっこう)などと呼ばれ、区別される。また開渠と暗渠を総称して管渠(かんきょ)と呼ばれる場合もある。

    (Source: http://dbpedia.org/resource/Ditch)