• cyanate
  • A salt or ester of cyanic acid containing the radical OCN.
Abstract from DBPedia
    Cyanate is an anion with the structural formula [O=C=N]−, usually written OCN−. It also refers to any salt containing it, such as ammonium cyanate. It is an isomer of the much less stable fulminate anion [C−≡N+O]−. A cyanate ester is an organic compound containing the cyanate group. The cyanate ion is an ambidentate ligand, forming complexes with a metal ion in which either the nitrogen or oxygen atom may be the electron-pair donor. It can also act as a bridging ligand.

    シアネート (cyanate) とは、シアン酸の塩のこと。もしくは、シアン酸のエステルのこと。シアナートとも呼ばれる。