Food processing

  • Food Processing
  • Any measure related to the processing of food stuffs. Basic technologies applied in the postharvest production of food for man. Planning and development of industries for the processing of food products. General descriptions of food processing industries. Equipment and processing techniques of food and drink manufacture. Methods of preservation of foodstuffs and processed foods: drying, dehydration, irradiation, etc.  
Abstract from DBPedia
    Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients, by physical or chemical means into food, or of food into other forms. Food processing combines raw food ingredients to produce marketable food products that can be easily prepared and served by the consumer. Food processing typically involves activities such as mincing and macerating, liquefaction, emulsification, and cooking (such as boiling, broiling, frying, or grilling); pickling, pasteurization, and many other kinds of preservation; and canning or other packaging. (Primary-processing such as dicing or slicing, freezing or drying when leading to secondary products are also included.)