Potential temperature

  • Potential Temperature
  • The temperature that an unsaturated parcel of dry air would have if brought adiabatically and reversibly from its initial state to a standard pressure, p0, typically 100 kPa.
Abstract from DBPedia
    The potential temperature of a parcel of fluid at pressure is the temperature that the parcel would acquire if adiabatically brought to a standard reference pressure , usually 1000 millibars. The potential temperature is denoted and, for air, is often given by where is the current absolute temperature (in K) of the parcel, is the gas constant of air, and is the specific heat capacity at a constant pressure. for air (meteorology).

    圧力 Pのときの空気塊の温位(おんい、英: potential temperature)とは、その気塊を標準的な参照圧力 P0(通常1000hPa)へ断熱的に変化させたときの温度である。温位はθで表され、大気の場合、しばしば以下の式で与えられる。 このときTは現在の気塊の絶対温度(単位 K)、Rは大気の気体定数、そしてcpは一定圧力での比熱容量である。

    (Source: http://dbpedia.org/resource/Potential_temperature)

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