Potential temperature

  • Potential Temperature
  • The temperature that an unsaturated parcel of dry air would have if brought adiabatically and reversibly from its initial state to a standard pressure, p0, typically 100 kPa.
Abstract from DBPedia
    The potential temperature of a parcel of fluid at pressure is the temperature that the parcel would attain if adiabatically brought to a standard reference pressure , usually 1,000 hPa (1,000 mb). The potential temperature is denoted and, for a gas well-approximated as ideal, is given by where is the current absolute temperature (in K) of the parcel, is the gas constant of air, and is the specific heat capacity at a constant pressure. for air (meteorology).

    温位(おんい、英語: potential temperature)とは、気圧、温度の空気塊を圧力 hPaに断熱変化させたときの温度のことである。 温位をとすると、 (は気体定数、は定圧比熱) として表される。

    (Source: http://dbpedia.org/resource/Potential_temperature)

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