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    The term Web service (WS) is either: * a service offered by an electronic device to another electronic device, communicating with each other via the World Wide Web, or * a server running on a computer device, listening for requests at a particular port over a network, serving web documents (HTML, JSON, XML, images), and creating web applications services, which serve in solving specific domain problems over the Web (WWW, Internet, HTTP) In a Web service a Web technology such as HTTP is used for transferring machine-readable file formats such as XML and JSON. In practice, a Web service commonly provides an object-oriented Web-based interface to a database server, utilized for example by another Web server, or by a mobile app, that provides a user interface to the end-user. Many organizations that provide data in formatted HTML pages will also provide that data on their server as XML or JSON, often through a Web service to allow syndication, for example, Wikipedia's Export. Another application offered to the end-user may be a mashup, where a Web server consumes several Web services at different machines and compiles the content into one user interface.

    Webサービス(ウェブサービス)とは、HTTPなどのインターネット関連技術を応用して、SOAPと呼ばれるXML形式のプロトコルを用いメッセージの送受信を行う技術、またはそれを適用したサービス。W3Cにおいては、Webサービスとは、さまざまなプラットフォーム上で動作する異なるソフトウェア同士が相互運用するための標準的な手段を提供するものと説明されている。 類似の用語としてWeb API(ウェブエーピーアイ)があるが、ほぼ同義語である。

    (Source: http://dbpedia.org/resource/Web_service)